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what is it?

A single pane of glass for your automated jobs is an application that solves the common operational issues of orchestrating, automating and maintaining workloads without being more trouble than its worth. makes scheduling, executing and monitoring automated workloads straight-forward by providing real-time status dashboards, historical tracking of performance metrics, secure file access and more in an easy to use browser based interface.

Batch Workload execution agent
Wasting developer time?

Developers write the batch jobs but are often not the right resources to operate them - domain experts frequently understand the operational needs much better. Get your developers back to building features that make your business a success.

Batch Workload creation
Analysts know what needs to be done?

Your domain experts might not know how to edit crontab from the command line or use FTP, but they know when the job should run and how to find bad data in an input file. Give them the tools they need to get the job done without advanced technical skills.

Job Scheduling visualization software
think there might be a problem?

Patterns can be hard to see if you don't have data. Data can be complicated to collect. gathers metrics over time and can reveal patterns that uncover recurring problems.

How does it help?

Gain insight and confidence with centralized control

Stop believing things are working because you weren't notified something failed and start knowing your jobs were successful.'s at-a-glance status dashboards give you confidence that your mission critical processes are running well and will quickly identify failures.

Centralized control means less time spent on job management activities and faster root-cause analysis when something goes wrong.'s easy to use UI lets you manage the entire operational life-cycle of your batch workloads from the browser: no command line, SSH, FTP or other technology skillset required.

Job Scheduler Visualization

who's it for?

Empower domain experts

Developers use to standardize the way they orchestrate and configure job workflows and to schedule and invoke the actual batch workload. handles transfering files around your ecosystem, archiving logs, capturing performance statistics and managing notifications when things go wrong so developers don't have to.

Domain experts are often the ones most knowledgable about what the process should be doing and why, even if the code was created by a developer. empowers domain experts to operate the processes by exposing information and controls that are often locked up behind technical and security barriers.

Not just a job scheduler, is a toolkit that increases efficiency at every stage of your batch workload process. Far more time and effort is spent operating and maintaining mission critical processes than creating them. We make it easy for people across your business to quickly get the information they need on their own and without intensive training.


Full job control without code

Run, pause and schedule jobs and their parameters on the fly via the UI without code or markup languages. Set up multiple sets of execution parameters and multiple schedules for each job.

Securely archive files and access them anywhere

Store job inputs, outputs and logs securely in the cloud automatically. Use the web interface to download those files from anywhere with an internet connection.

At-A-Glance job status tracking

See all the jobs that are executing, have failed and have completed in an easy to read dashboard. Click any job to see more information, including visual progress of a multi-stage job.

Server and file system insights

See server performance and directory contents, updated in real-time, to help you track down the root cause of job issues. Quickly determine if the server is online, has enough processing resources and if required files are in place.

Real-time visual insights and historical tracking

Search, filter and sort historical job performance and success/failure disposition to find behavior patterns. Know how long each stage and workflow took to run based on input. See individual job progress in a visual layout, updated in real-time. Know which stage of a multi-stage process is executing at a glance.

Built-in data transfer, input verification and notifications takes care of the boiler-plate code necessary to transfer files from another directory or server, validating that required files are in place and notifying you of failures. Tell where the file should be found, where it should be moved and who should be notified if things don't go according to plan.

Job Scheduler Visualization

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